About Us

Wade and Maria Luisa Weaver started Iberian Ministries in 1979 as a covering for their mission work. It is a 501c3 organization and is also affiliated with the Full Gospel Evangelistic Association. They began their ministry in Mexico where they spent 3.5 years and during that time helped build an orphanage, a Bible school (where they were the first teachers also) and started several churches and built the church buildings. 

In 1985 they moved to Caceres, Spain where they started a small congregation. Wade began to minister in churches and meetings all across the country, helping strengthen churches and ministering to leadership. Later in 1988 They moved to Alcala de Henares, Spain where they collaborated with “Every Home Crusade” and started a home church. In 1989 Wade became the National Director for Evangelism Explosion in Spain and Maria started an English-speaking chapter of Aglow. In the early nineties, Wade became the European Vice President for Evangelism Explosion. This caused him to travel extensively in all forty countries of Europe. Still as European Vice president of Evangelism Explosion they moved to The Republic of San Marino in 1996 where they spent time witnessing to people while Wade also worked on a Doctorate in Executive Business Management. In 1997 They moved to Wichita, Kansas where they Pastored Faith Chapel Church until 2008. In January 2009, they moved to Granada, Spain, where they presently live and minister. 

Wade has now earned two masters and earned another Doctorate in Biblical Studies. and  a Doctorate in Theology. 

The ministry in its early days in Granada was mostly spent witnessing to Muslims, and although there is still and emphasis on this ministry they have branched out to other areas. They have now started two new congregations and helped establish another two. They have also worked with University students and are looking to expand that ministry. 

In January 2022 all the churches were turned over to national pastors to continue the work. The Weaver's still remain in contact and give support to those pastors. They are now working to open a new congregation in another nearby city that has no church or believers they know of. This new effort is in the town of Padual, Spain.