Project "Every Home"

The vision behind this Project is very simple. In the Province of Granada there are 174 municipalities(Cities/towns Legal Authority) and 259 smaller communities with a total population of 1,028,239.

The vision is birthed in the scripture that Jesus died for the sins of all, and every person should be given an opportunity to make a choice.
I have a great desire to see a church planted in “E_l_Padul” _one of these municipalities without a church, but it does not stop there. God has put in my heart that we should make every effort to at least give a testimony in every community so at least people have an opportunity. There are over one million people in the province. There are a total of 433 communities of various sizes only 22 have a church or an effort being made in them, most are concentrated in and around the capital city of Granada, that leaves 431 communities that still need to hear a true message of the Gospel. There may be some of the gypsy churches scattered in a few other communities but traditionally have not been able to cross over and reach non gypsies.
I realize that I will not be able to start a church in each of these but if we can identify people interested in the Gospel and begin to disciple them and plug them into the nearest Bible believing church a lot can be accomplished. We have broken the province into 10 Zones and you will be able to see that there are entire Zones with no Protestant churches or witnessing effort being made.

What is the reality of such an effort?

First of all, it is so big I know it can only be accomplished if God is in it and leading the way. Financially it is the biggest thing God has ever asked of me, I only know He will make a way as He always has.

Physically it is daunting to think of knocking on every door and talking to people or leaving them literature.

When God laid this on my heart all I could do was cry for the lost that were not being reached. I wondered how I could every accomplish such a task. God gave me peace in that I do not have to do it alone and He has proven that. There is a group of people that have come alongside and said they will help every time I need help. They have their own ministry but want to reach the people so are willing to sacrifice, God has sent teams of people in to help, one team came from Sweden and although they spoke no Spanish were a great help in the first outreach. Another team came from Costa Rica. People from Switzerland, Argentina, Israel. Bolivia, Russia, the Ukraine, South Dakota, Canada, Brazil and Spain and even other countries have come to help.
One problem is the lack of transportation which has limited our efforts so far. We are believing God for a nine-passenger vehicle so that we can move people to the areas we need to reach. Our last two efforts have been hampered because we had more people wanting to help than vehicles to move them in.

I have designed tracts to use that I feel will appeal more to the people of this region and have set up for a printer to print them, I have also ordered some New Testaments and Gospel of John. All by faith believing God to supply. The cover of the Gospel of John will be specifically designed for The Province of Granada to catch the attention. On the front there is a map of the province and the words “Good News for the Granadians.” _There are also some colored lines representing the flags of the Region and Province.

What can you do?

First of all pray daily. I have enclosed a list of every community.
Second ask God if maybe you should adopt a region or some of the communities and fund the outreach. I have included a break down so that maybe a family or Sunday school class or church, or individual would like to believe God for the funds for one or more of the communities.

Second: Come and be a part of reaching the communities.
Recently I have finished gathering the information of those towns and villages still yet to be reached.

The total cost of literature, Gospels of John and New Testaments and tracts is around $50,440.35. That is broken down into $47,940.35 for tracts, around $1,000 in gas for transportation expenses and about $1500 for Gospel of John and New Testaments.
When you look at the data sheets for each of the zones you can see how much has already been done. You will also see how much needs to be done. The bible says to count the cost before you begin to build. I have done that, and we have begun, believing that while it seems to be a huge amount and a massive effort to me, I am fully confident God will supply all we need.

A decent 9 passenger vehicle will cost somewhere around $25 to 35 thousand dollars although we are looking to find one cheaper if possible.

Should God lay upon your heart to help reach the unreached communities of the Province of Granada start by praying. Pray for health and strength for those involved, Pray to the Lord of the Harvest for workers. Then give if God so leads. You can send offerings to Iberian Ministries 1. By check to Iberian Ministries 4313 N. Cherry Hill St. Wichita Kansas. 2. Sending offerings to FGEA PO Box 702378 Tulsa OK 74170-2378 marked for Iberian Ministries. 3. Paypal

You can send me emails letting me know which towns/Cities or villages you are sponsoring or if contributing to the purchase of the vehicle. or even call 316-683-0146 a stateside number that rings in my home in Spain at no cost to you.

In the section below you will see the names of each zone and you can click the name and see the data for each zone.

Project updates

Update from Wade Weaver: 

"I have been having trouble getting bibles , New Testaments and Gospels of John since we started the project. Last week we ran out for everything except the tracts I designed and had printed. I was really asking the Lord for direction on what to do. last week I took Maria Luisa and the National Director of AGLOW to Motril, a town on the coast, for a meeting. There I met a man who told me of a source for bibles. I called him in a town about two hours up the coast. He gave me the name and number of a man in Denmark or Finland, I called Him. He gave me the number of a man on the coast of Spain about an hour and a half from my home. Long story short, yesterday they gifted us, over three thousand dollars ion materials. We now have 144 bibles in Spanish, probably a thousand Gospels of John a, four Bibles in French, four bibles in Russian, four New testaments in Russian, Several Bible story books for children in Ukrainian, some Bibles, Gospels of John and other materials in Arabic. They told me they really like the project and when I need more to let them know. Look at God's provision, on time every time. I have a team of people from Argentina(17 of them) here and they will be helping me do evangelism for two days. What a blessing. We also now have a van that seats nine people. God is providing. We still need sponsors for the villages and towns though so check it out and see which ones you want."